Digital Declutter

As someone who spends a lot of time on my phone or laptop for a variety of reasons, clutter on devices can lead to wasted time, extra stress, and less digital space. Here’s some digital decluttering ideas:

  1. Fix Your Email Inbox

I personally hate having unread emails or too many old emails in my inbox, so I really try not to. A lot of my friends aren’t like that though, but still stress about finding things or miss important messages. Staying on top incoming messages and even filing the ones you need to keep have a rippling positive effects of organization. 

Something I’m totally guilty of is being subscribed to business’ emails that I never read. I literally delete them right away which is wasted time that adds up. By the time I post this article, I will have unsubscribed from many of these emails.

  1. Trash Old Documents

If you have tons of documents that are old with no need anymore, you can probably trash them. At the very least, use some folders and organize what you have.

  1. Organize Your Desktop

A cluttered desktop straight up stresses me out. I try not to keep much on there. Only keep the necessary stuff on there and keep it organized with folders. Most could probably be filed elsewhere that’s just as accessible but not in your face.

Applications can also add to clutter whether it lives on your desktop on a PC or on the bottom bar with a Mac. Only my most used apps stay down there. All else is removed from the doc. But, if it’s an app you have no need for, you’re better off just uninstalling it. 

  1. Get Rid of Unused Phone Applications

While apps are relatively organized on a phone, displayed as a grid, too much can still be overwhelming. Once again, folders are your friend for what you decide to keep around. But like with everything mentioned so far; if you don’t use it, you don’t need it. For a lot of us, phone storage space is special; so don’t waste it on unused or unnecessary apps. 

  1. Un-download Some Music or Movies

Too much downloaded media also takes up a lot of storage space. Consider un-downloading some of it especially if you have TV shows or movies that you already saw and likely won’t watch again. 

  1. Unfollow/Unfriend People

I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in reading a status update from someone I met once during middle school. Sometimes we friend/follow/subscribe to people that at the time we wanted to connect with at the time, we just don’t really care to maintain that now. There’s nothing wrong with unfollowing or unfriending people you don’t really know and have no real connection with.

This is important to declutter your feed from photos or updates you have no interest in seeing. On a more serious note, don’t harm your mental health because you think you need to follow certain people. It’s kind of liberating.

  1. Delete Old Contacts

Like with social media, I have tons of contact from people I met one time or even just worked on a group project with once. I believe if you don’t use it, and likely won’t use it, you just don’t need it. 

  1. Organize Wires and Cords

This is the only idea that’s not really in the digital space – but it’s still related. I have endless chargers, extra wires, extension cords, and power strips.

If you no longer use or even have the device that it’s for just get rid of it. And by get rid of it I mean look into recycling options and e-waste facilities. If you don’t need the cord very option, store it away so it’s out of sight. Finally for the ones you regularly need, consider efficient, but cute ways of storing. Check out this article for some ideas.

I hope you all consider trying one or all of these digital decluttering areas!

One thought on “Digital Declutter

  1. Yeah, I always consider decluttering my old contacts, emails, also undownloading or uninstalling unused apps and so on… Sometime it takes time and as exhausting as decluttering my clothes in the closet.


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